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Eight Days was born from the success of “Reversed Tv- Season 1” aired season on Discovery Life Network; created by award winning director and producer, Charles Mattocks. Charles started his career inspired by his uncle, the late reggae legend Bob Marley. Charles has gone on to publish best selling books, has made appearances on such shows as CNN, Dr. Oz, The Today Show and countless more. After becoming a type 2 diabetic, Charles strived to become an international spokesperson for diabetes and set his sights on creating a program that would help reach millions with diabetes. 

Charles looks to expand the brand of Reversed; taking five people in various stages, of both physical and emotional health, to his island retreat in Jamaica. Inspired by Jerome’s story, a guest on “Reversed Tv- Season 1,” of being an open, gay advocate living with HIV. Charles aims to create a platform to educate, inspire and be a resource for those in HIV, be experts or whom are HIV positive. 


This season will feature guests of the Hispanic, African American and Caucasian ethnicities with a goal to help inspire and educate. Many with HIV are dealing with family and relationship issues, but are also in need of education on the disease itself. They may need help “coming out,” disclosing their status, housing, conforming to medication, and/or all other cases with dealing with HIV.  Top experts in HIV in all aspects, from emotional to physical health related issues will be housed with the guests for a complete health retreat experience. HIV is on the rise and requires the awareness and change to save lives.