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Reversed is a reality show following the life's of individuals affected by diabetes, and their struggle to change their diet, exercise, mentality, and control to control their diabetes!


With over 380 million worldwide plagued with diabetes, 35 million in America alone and counting. 189 million walking around that don't know they have diabetes; we have a pandemic on our hands. Celebrity chef Charles Mattocks also known as The poor chef, nephew to the late reggae legend Bob Marley has created a show that will change the health and medical industry forever. Charles has made a name for himself on such shows as CNN, Dr. Oz, The today show. Best selling author and spokesperson Charles was on the road to becoming a household name. After being diagnosed 2 years ago Charles set out on a global mission to save not only his life, but also millions with diabetes.

Reversed was born out of the need to inspire and educate millions. Charles created a movement and now first ever reality TV show that can be a blue print for not only diabetes but many other illnesses. We take 5 people from all over the world and put them in a house for 10 days to do what we call ‘REVERSE’. We will change the way they eat, drink, think, exercise and live with diabetes. This is not just about diabetes; this is about the people that are in desperate need to be REVERSED.


Following the overwhelming success of season one of Reversed, Charles and the producers are working on creating another amazing season that will take a new set of guests, both type 1 and type 2 diabetics, to another exciting location!


The new season will come with more exciting twists and turns as we will introduce a plant-based diet and a more “live-off-the-land” atmosphere. The guests will be put in situations where they will be pushed to make the changes to live a better overall quality of life.


The results of the guests from season one have been truly amazing and they have maintained their changes and have become advocates for diabetes and better health.  Some guests and experts from season one will be brought back to be house mentors and experts. 


A special twist that will leave all wanting to find out how each episode plays out will keep many coming back for more!  With a new location and well known experts, Reversed is just heating up!